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Jenny From ‘Picky-Palate’ Tells Us How to Cook Delicious Food and Stay in Shape



Jenny (@pickypalate) was next one on the list for the #Mommyshare experience. The idea behind this initiative is to get funny tips and anecdotes from talented bloggers as well as dedicated moms on how to live a well-balanced healthy life with kids. If you don't know her yet, Jenny is a passionate award winning cook who's expertise is ranging from tasty Italian sausage lasagna stuffed pizza (See the picture above...) to delicious caramel turtle sugar 'brookies' ! She spend a lot of in the kitchen "loving every minute of it", always trying to be creative in order to satisfy her two little boys with picky little palates. Jenny started her own blog in 2007 at

Following are her tips on how to cook delicious food and stay in shape :

"To cook great meals and stay in shape I make sure I buy fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables every week to include in my cooking.  Farmers markets and health food grocery stores are great!  Keeping dinners simple with intense flavor is key!  Exercise is a must, I exercise 4-5 times a week and take 20 minutes to do some cardio.  20 minutes is do-able even with a busy schedule.  Prioritize your time wisely, menu plan for the week and keep your cooking fresh and simple."

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