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What Do Mommies Think of GoGo squeeZ ?



We talked with a lot of popular blogging moms across the web for the past months, as they obviously are on the forefront of kid-friendly products consumption and as their mom insights are always tremendous. We asked them to taste GoGo squeeZ applesauce and share their honest sentiment about it only to discover that GoGo squeeZ  is considered in most cases as a valuable option to have children eat healthier snacks during the day, at school, after sport, in the car etc.

Here is a selection of ten of those encouraging feedbacks. It will give you a sense of what GoGo squeeZ is about :

1. “ neat, portable, non-perishable. That means it can sit on my pantry and I can grab one whenever i need it! No need for cooler thingies taking up room in the lunch box ” Janine , Twofer Mom, @twincident

2. “ DELICIOUS OR SUSPICIOUS?: Delicious. The kid loved the thing; when I asked her if she liked it, she just handed me the deflated pouch and said, “More.” ” Felicia D'Ambrosio, Citypaper, @mealticket

3. “ What I also love about it is how it's easy to squeeze, not messy, and is made from 100% fruit with no sugar added. ” Gem, Sage and Savvy, @SageMom

4. “ But applesauce is applesauce, right? I sure thought that would be the case. But, and I kid you not, my children loved this snack so much they invented a ” GoGo SqueeZ dance."  Amy Ellen, Health Begins With Mom

6. “ I love everything about it from the packaging, taste, overall concept. ” Tanya, Mommy Goggles, @mommygoggles

7. “ This product has helped me in making sure my toddler gets her fruit intake that she needs by making it a fun way to eat ” Jen, The Dirty Shirt, @jentifa

8. “ usually the healthier a food is, the less likely it is that a toddler will eat it!!! But those who tried it absolutely loved it and the moms were thrilled that the kids liked something healthy." Lori, If moms ruled the world

9. “ on the go. I put it in their lunches My boys LOVED this applesauce and they devoured it for after school snack too. They really couldn’t keep their hands off of it." Jenny, Picky Palate@pickypalate

10. “ Also, it’s great to know that eating one pouch is equal to eating one fruit serving for the day. I think this is very helpful. ” Amy, Coffee with the Mrs, @TheMrsC

11. “ when my mom tried to give them the old brand of applesauce, they waved frantic little hands in the air and said "No, no, Wela, we don't yike dat kind anymore. Heh heh." Mary-Mia, Do they have salsa in China ?

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