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Get Fit With Your Family This Mother’s Day


running with stroller

Mother's Day is almost there and running or walking a race is a fun and healthy way to celebrate this very special day.'s team put together a great comprehensive list of Mother's Day runs and walks around the U.S. Many of them include kids' races, so your little ones can join in the fun. The distances tend to range from half a mile to a 5K.

What's the best way to get your kids excited about the race ?

Kids model what we do. When they see their mom being active and exercising, they will want to do it too. Make sure you bring some GoGo squeeZ pouches with you, it makes the perfect portable snack while running. But you don't have to use traditional exercises like sit-ups and push-ups to get your kids to be active. Just play with them. Play tag, hopscotch, hula-hoop or jump rope with them, or make an obstacle course in your backyard. Most important, make it fun. Children are never too young to be encouraged to be active. Just like us, kids need to be active most days of the week.

For more information on how to get fit with your children, visit and join them on Facebook !

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