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Join The Conga Line and WIN!


Worldwide Day of PlayHere at GoGo squeeZ what we love more than anything is playing. And getting to play in combination with the weekend? Perfection. Tomorrow, we will be joining in on the Worldwide Day of Play, an entire time dedicated to getting outside and doing what we know best: having a BLAST!

The Worldwide Day of Play is a health and wellness event designed to remind children to stay active. This year is expected to be the largest WWDOP ever, with events scheduled worldwide including daylong activities in Washington, DC and a visit from First Lady Michelle Obama.

Join GoGo squeeZ as we sing, play and DANCE during the Worldwide Day of Play. We will be doing the Conga Line live in NYC, Washington DC, Dallas, Baltimore and San Francisco. Can't make it? No worries! Upload a picture or video of your own Conga Line to our Facebook page or Tweet us with the hashtag #GoGoDayofPlay for a chance to win 1 of 20 great Play Packs!

We are also asking you to join the GoGo Gang by uploading a photo of you and your pals at play. When the GoGo Gang is 100,000 members strong, we will team up with Action for Healthy Kids to renovate a play space. We want you to help us make these playground renovations a reality, and we are SO close to our goal!

What are YOU doing tomorrow? Hopefully joining in on the fun with us! Hope to see you there!


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