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Trick or SqueeZ Halloween Photo Contest!


Hey there little squeeZers! Here at GoGo squeeZ, we love Halloween! This month we have gotten into the spirit of things by creating Halloween crafts and fun activities for the whole family. While we have had a blast with our pumpkin-filled adventures, we really wanted to find a big way to celebrate with all of our friends, fans and followers with a photo contest!

We have partnered with Savvy Auntie to host our first ever Trick or squeeZ costume contest.

We want YOU to send us awesome pictures of your wacky, funny, scary or all out original Halloween outfits!

How can you enter?

Share a link to a photo of your child, niece or nephew in their favorite Halloween costume in the link below.

Savvy Auntie will pick the top costumes in each category on Halloween.

Our contest closes at 12 pm EST on November 2nd.


What are the categories?

  • Best pair/group/bunch
  • Silliest/funniest
  • Cutest critter
  • Most imaginative
  • Most likely to make little brother/sister cry
  • Best Overall


Each winner will get a fun pack of GoGo squeeZ gear, coupons and of course GoGo squeeZ applesauce!

Link your pictures up below and have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!


**Update: here are our winners!**

  • Best pair/group/bunch: "The Three Leprechauns" - Kim Belvo
  • Silliest/funniest: "Here I Come World" - Apryl Valent
  • Cutest critter: "Silly Little Ladybug!" - Jenny Montezuma
  • Most imaginative: "Haunted Portrait" - Michelle Modica
  • Most likely to make little brother/sister cry: "Nathan/Jack Skellington" - Kami Dunn
  • Best Overall: "Ellie Elvis" - Zakia

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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  1. Jessie Lucas

    Excited about the contest! My blog post had all 3 of my kids in it. Would I have to enter each of them individually to be counted for the contest or is ok as is? Thanks!

  2. Gogo Squeez

    Hi Jessie! We are excited too! You can enter as many images as you’d like – thanks for sharing your picture!

  3. Heidi Harris

    Hi! I just tried to enter the contest and when I was cropping my image to tag it there was an error. I haven’t been able to reload the image. How can I find out if it loaded correctly?

  4. Apryl Fall

    I submitted last night but couldn’t tell if it went through right and now I dont see it. Can you please tell me if it did?

    Thank you

  5. Kristin

    I tried to link up my picture but it isn’t showing up. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Lisa

    I tried to upload my photo, but I am not seeing it. What am I doing wrong?

  7. GoGo squeeZ

    Hi Kristin, Apryl and Heidi – if you do not see your image above we did not receive it!

  8. hope mooneyham

    i tried to enter also but everytime i push crop my image it takes me back to this page and my picture isnt up there =/

  9. Annelize Johnson

    I do not see my picture up there but I just submitted it… does it take a bit to be loaded??


  10. Payton

    I may have accidentally entered like 10 times because i didnt think it was accepting my image after i cropped it. I now realize it probably was! Sorry about that!

  11. Rachel Dorothy

    I accidentally posted my pic twice! :( How do I remove one of them?


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