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Design A Logo For Us!


design a logo for gogo squeezAll you Monet and Picasso wannabe's, get your paint brushes out!  We are inviting artists to unleash their creativity and design our official logo for the launch of our first ever “Pass the Play” Mobile Playground Tour! Our “Pass the Play” tour will travel across the U.S. this summer to provide fun for kids AND adults. We have partnered with Talenthouse for the contest and are accepting entries from now until March 1stGoGo squeeZ fans will then be able to lend their voice to the contest by casting votes for their favorite logo from March 2-March 8, 2012.

“I’m thrilled to partner with GoGo squeeZ as they search for a logo that will represent their first mobile tour, a logo that represents the GoGo squeeZ world”

We are excited to invite artists to design an original, eye-catching logo that will speak to the playful nature of our mobile tour. To help us, we have asked our friend “Blue’s Clues” producer, Dr. Alice Wilder, to be a part of the judging panel that will elect the winning logo design, which will be announced on March 16, 2012.

“I’m thrilled to partner with GoGo squeeZ as they search for a logo that will represent their first mobile tour, a logo that represents the GoGo squeeZ world,” say Dr. Wilder. “I’ll be helping them look for a design that embodies GoGo squeeZ’s persona of simple, active play, which will excite both children and adults alike.”

The grand prize winner will receive $3,000 and have their logo displayed on our “Pass the Play” tour.  There is also a runner up and peoples choice chance to win.

Interested artists can learn more about GoGo squeeZ’s Mobile Playground campaign and submit their designs for the logo contest by visiting:

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  1. Anthony Pafford

    I understand this is well meant, and you think it’s a bit of a fun way to get press — but design contests and speculative work are a cancer within the design industry. You are hurting designers with this, not helping.

    Ask yourself if you are willing to work at your chosen profession for free on the off chance someone selects your work as the one “winner” out of the hard work of all your peers?

  2. GoGo squeeZ

    Anthony: Thank you for writing in and for your honest feedback.

    We are very excited to offer designers the opportunity to work with GoGo squeeZ but we respect your opinion. We would love to get your take on how we could improve the process.

    Talenthouse is a passionate community of young aspiring talent and the goal is to provide life-changing opportunities to creatives worldwide.

    Talenthouse’s Creative Invites have different incentives (and many have cash rewards) but the aim is to help artists grow their audience and get recognition for their work, with the potential to work with global brands or acclaimed industry icons. We do not support spec work but rather encourage artists to submit work they have already created, whenever possible.

  3. Matthew Cherry

    Hi. Thanks for the contest. It was fun to be a part of it. I gave myself a 1% chance of winning so I am not disappointed I did not. I felt bad you had to go through a ridiculous amount of logos.

    I am however disappointed that the winner had 2 variations and the 2nd place (not the facebook winner) broke the rule of no other writing. For the many who did follow the rules it’s a little disappointing.


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