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Valentine’s Day Treats For Your Main squeeZ!


Love is in the air at GoGo squeeZ HQ!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we decided to spread the love using our pouches, and you can too!

Valentine's Day Applesauce To Go

Here are the very simple instructions:

  1. Click on one of the designs below
  2. Print it out
  3. Cut around the border
  4. Wrap around your GoGo squeeZ pouch
  5. Tape the ends together
  6. Pick someone special to give your Valentine to
  7. Sign your name on the back and give your main squeeZ their treat!



Give these squeeZes of love out for Valentine's Day and you'll be sure to get plenty of love back! Who knows, maybe your main squeeZ feels the love too!

Download the pouches that are all colored in, add your own pizazz by coloring in the blank designs or
send us your own creation! Use GoGo squeeZ for your Valentine's Day gifts, snap a picture and we will send you a 4-pack!

Happy Valentine's Day! GoGo squeeZ <3's all of you! xoxoxo


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  1. Rebecca G

    This is so cute now I am going to have to buy more GOGO Squeez. Going to use this for my kids Valentines Party at school.


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