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Think FAST! Introducing…GoGo squeeZ Fast Fruit!


The grown-up fruit snack for the kid in all of us.

Throughout our fruit-filled journey (yes, journey), we found that there were a few apples missing from the bunch.

We heard a lot of chit chat from you like “why don’t you make a bigger size for adults?”, “I steal these from my kids all of the time and don’t tell them!”, and “can you mix a bunch of flavors into one wicked awesome combination?” (ok. we added the 'wicked') We heard this so much and so often that eventually we heard you! The wheels started turning and the GoGo gang got together to create our new innovation just with you in mind, Fast Fruit- a healthy fruit snack for adults!

Fast and Good are often two words that you don’t find together. We set out to fix that. At GoGo squeeZ, when we think of GOOD and FAST, we think about fun and sensational tastes. Now the GoGo squeeZ you love is available for kids and adults (it's OK, you can still eat the one's for your kids too, we won't tell). GoGo squeeZ Fast Fruit provides all of the good stuff you want and need in delicious fruit combos created to delight on-the-go snackers of all ages.

Fast Fruit is a full serving of 100% fruit in a portable pouch that goes anywhere YOU go – from work, play, adventure, exercise and more.. the possibilities are endless!

Available at Target stores in 3 tasty fruit combos:

Apple peach passion fruit: We combined a tropical touch with a mix of southern sweetness for a positively perfect pairing.

Apple mango pineapple banana: Take a trip on a tropical vacation for just a minute…your palate will thank you.

Apple cranberry raspberry: This tart and tangy flavor combo is sure to wake up your taste buds.

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  1. Carrie

    YAY!!! I’m so happy you made bigger sizes! I love these pouches, but rarely let myself enjoy them cause I want to save them for my kids. Thank you so much!!! I’m running out to the store today to look for them! :)

  2. GoGo squeeZ

    So glad you’re excited!! Let us know if you’re lucky with retrieving some!

  3. Melissa Plaiss

    Are you still making the fast fruit? I would buy it at Target but it is no longer there.


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