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At GoGo squeeZ, our mission is to make it easier for families to be healthier, happier, and more playful. With over 10 varieties of 100% fruit on-the-go, we're more than just Applesauce, we're Awesomesauce!

We're stoked to share our commercial debut with you. So grab a pouch and some popcorn and check it out below:

Make sure to look for our new ad on your local & national TV channels to see how we GoGo Playfully everyday!

Artist/Song: Bear Mountain, "Two Step"

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  1. Susan walker

    My grandson uses your products. How come you aren’t using organic apples since apple are on the list of the dirty dozen . . . foods with the most toxins. Also these products are used mainly by kids. Parents are thinking they are giving a healthy choice to their families.


    Hi Susan – we have an organic line available as well!

  3. myra ebner

    Do you ever give away products to non-profit companies? We are participating in Tea for Tots at Ft. Stewart, GA and would like to use your product for the children’s snack. We are a IRS register 501c 3 company.

  4. Dominique

    Will you please email me if you are able to send me coupons via snail mail? I am not able to print them from online and I don’t get the paper, but my son loves your product and eats one almost everyday, he likes the strawberry apple the best and gets so excited about the little propeller tops coming off.

    • GoGo squeeZ

      Hi Dominique,
      We sometimes give coupons away in giveaways on Facebook. Feel free to check them out.


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