Simple. Good. Active. Fun.



Oh hi there. Wanna work for GogoSqueez?

First off you should know a few things we believe in...

  • It makes perfect sense to bring dogs into the office.
  • Rope swings can be hung anywhere and no one knows you're swinging while you're on a conference call.
  • Good coffee matters. So does a full fridge.
  • It's important to maintain and cultivate a little kid sense of wonder
  • It takes courage to work for greatness
  • Why zig when you can zag
  • We have our very own GoGo apple tree in our office! Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

GoGo squeeZ is a company redefining the rules of how food companies provide solutions for modern consumers.

Taking a relational and consumer driven approach to understanding the challenges parents, families and health conscious buyers face in incorporating healthier alternatives into their active lifestyles, GoGo squeeZ is a community engine working to restore simple goodness to a world becoming increasingly complex.

We have an established team of passionate advocates and entrepreneurs intent on breaking through the stale conventions of big food to become a trusted ally in making a happier, healthier life possible.

For visionary leaders intent on making a mark and building the case study of a lifetime, working for us is an incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and make a difference. The toll is time, effort and the ultimate test of your ability to inspire others as part of a small army of talent taking on some of the biggest competitors in all of corporate America. The prize...exceptional products, a community of passionate followers, membership on a team of true believers, and a tangible difference in the attitudes and health of American families.

Want to work at Materne North America? We’re always looking for a few good men, women or apples!

“GoGo is great. I feel great giving it to the kids because it’s healthy, it’s easy, packaging is fun and kids think it’s a snack not realizing it has healthy fruit in it.”
Chantal Wilson
Chantal Wilson