Kids Need BE Time

When you let kids just BE, they can be anything they want to be. That’s why it’s so important for kids to get the right nourishment and nutrition while engaging in fun and imagination-filled activities.

It’s not only an important part of being a kid, it’s key to their overall well-being and happiness.

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The BE List

We’re on a mission to INSPIRE parents and kids to make time for BE Time.

BE present

In Body And Mind

Be Outside

Get Kids In The Outdoors Whenever, Wherever

Be In Control

Of Technology, Not The Reverse

Be Spontaneous

Give Kids Permission To Explore

Be Curious

Encourage Kids To Discover The World Around Them

Be Balanced

Fuel Kids With Foods They Love & Need

Be Encouraging

Encourage "BE Students": Kids Who Can Self-direct Healthy Activities

Be an Example

Show Kids How It's Done

Be Generous

With The Time Kids Get To BE Kids

Be Committed

To Your Values: Ours Are BE Healthy, BE Yourself And BE In The Moment

BE Time Videoz


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