Kids freely playing with other kids is a powerful teacher of social skills that pay off for life.
Help your kids through taking them to play dates, play grounds, play rooms, having kids over to the house, or finding new opportunities that allow them to engage with other children. These interactions help them learn communication, problem-solving, sharing, and conflict resolution.
While 85% of parents believe scheduled activities like sports and clubs lead to greater success in life, it’s the social and emotional interactions that are the important benefit, not the sport itself.
the social and emotional skills that come from social interactions are an even greater predictor of later success than iq.
There is a misperception that kids don't need unstructured time during the school year.
free time during the school day is really important.
It allows the child to de-stress and regain their mental balance. It helps children encode memories of the things that they just learned.
Kids experience lots of stress from classroom demands and social challenges, especially older children and teens.
social and emotional skills learned in childhood help bueffer daily stress, keeping kids balanced.
Many of the biggest challenges we face today – depression, suicide, drugs, and acting out – are reflections of a child’s or teen’s inability to handle daily stress.
When adults are feeling tired or burned out or uncreative, they take mini breaks during the day. They may grab a coffee or talk with a friend for a few minutes. This is critical to staying focused. When kids feel the same way, they have no ability to take a mini break unless it is woven into their school day.
brief breaks during school to re-charge between math, science, or language arts classes, is a key part of processing new information.
There’s more to recess than just play. It’s a crucial component of learning in school.
when a child is bored, they’re at their most creative and are most open to exploring new things.

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