Spud Kids Game


Run, catch, dodge—do whatever you have to do to not spell out SPUD. This fast-paced game is the perfect way to get out some of your kiddo’s extra energy.


  1. Each friend is assigned a random number, making sure there are more numbers than friends. (Example: 20 friends, give out numbers 1-25).
  2. One player throws a ball in the air and calls out one of the numbers.
  3. If you’re number is called, you have to catch the ball and yell “SPUD.”
  4. If you’re number isn’t called, run as fast as you can.
  5. The player who catches the ball takes three large steps and tosses or rolls the ball to hit the nearest friend below the waist.
  6. You can try to dodge the ball as long as you don’t move your feet.
  7. If you get hit, you get a letter (starting out with “S”).
  8. If you don’t get hit, the thrower gets the letter.
  9. The friend who gets the letter is the next to toss.
  10. If an invalid or unassigned number gets called, the person who’s last to run towards the ball gets the letter.
  11. The first person to spell “SPUD” is out.


  • One ball
  • Large Field



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