Tree Tag

Tree Tag Kids Game


Take traditional tag up a notch with a fun twist. In tree tag, bases are only safe for the first two people to get there. So you better be quick!


  1. Create and attach labels to 3-5 trees, making them bases.
  2. Give each player a marker—make sure everyone’s color is different.
  3. The person who’s “IT” covers his/her eyes while all the kids scatter.
  4. The “IT” player tries to tag friends before they make it to one of the tree bases.
  5. The players run to one of the bases and quickly marks it with an X using their marker. After two Xs, the tree is no longer a free zone.
  6. The last player out is the next “IT.”


  • Open space with trees
  • Packing tape
  • Blank paper
  • Markers
  • String



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