10 Apr 25 2012 BACK
Mango Applesauce Packaging

Introducing…Our New Packaging!

It’s here, it’s here!

The day has finally come for Mango to reveal the secret that it’s been dying to share with all of you!

Ladies, gentlemen and fruities of all shapes and sizes…

Without further ado we now present to you: OUR NEW PACKAGING! Ta-Daaaaah!

Say hello! Don’t be scared.  It’s us!  Still your favorite squeezable applesauce!  None of your favorite things have changed about us, we promise!  We are still 100% all natural, still using the same ingredients, still Kosher, still no sugar added, still gluten, dairy, and nut free, still no spoon no mess, still no nonsense.  We’re just wrapped up in a new bow!

Here’s the story behind the characters new world:

It was an average day in the GoGo Gang’s brown habitat when all of a sudden, their world was turned upside down! A rope dropped from the sky, and curiosity got the best of Apple who lead the gang on an adventure to discover more. The gang took turns climbing the rope to see where it led and met Mango at the top, who was dying to show them around. As they looked around, the gang was astonished by a sea of amazing colors, games and activities… a world they did not know existed until now. Mango led them through the land of green grass, trees and blue skies. “Look! A never ending place to play!” said Peach. The gang instantly knew that this world would be their new home to laugh, run and jump to their heart’s content.

Here’s why we changed it:

In our travels around the country our customers told us that they love the way our product helps them live an active healthy lifestyle, but they wondered why our packaging didn’t reflect our playful active spirit. We agreed. Our new package allows our characters to play in a landscape of possibility…the same way we all should. What hasn’t changed is our great taste, attention to detail and focus on simple goodness.  Its still the same snack that you have come to know and love…just in a new outfit that fits us better!

We hope you love our new look as much as we do. Look for it in stores starting in May 2012!


  1. Apr 25 2012

    Michele Litsky

    Can’t wait to try it!

  2. Apr 25 2012

    julie lear

    LOVE the new look ! And my family LOVES your product !

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  4. Apr 26 2012

    Sarah Carriere

    We love Gogo Squeeze at our house and the new packaging is just going to make us want it more!

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  6. May 30 2012


    Apple Mango is amazingly yummy! Mom and kid approved! I love the new packaging! Thank you for making the packing new and “fun”, it has made it even easier to get my kids to try new flavors.

  7. Jun 02 2012

    Lisa Stofer

    I think this may be our favorite yet!

  8. Jun 12 2012

    Candace W

    The thing I wish most about your packaging that you’d had changed is the caps. The box was fine, but these tiny choking hazard of a cap NEEDS a new design. I have a VERY independent 20 month old who loves your products, and wants to open them herself, but I have to listen to her cry because I’m worried she will put the cap in her mouth and choke. just throwing that out there for your consideration. Thank you!! Candace and Ava W.

  9. Jun 15 2012

    GoGo squeeZ

    There have been no choking incidents to date (with over one billion GoGo squeeZ pouches sold worldwide), but we’re always looking for ways to make the product even more kid-friendly. We plan to eventually introduce our packaging redesign, which will include a larger cap. Until that time, we recommend that parents remove and discard the cap before sharing the pouch with children under three years old.

  10. Jun 29 2012

    Diane Dumas

    My grandson of 17 months LOVE’s GO GO fruit squeeze!!!!! What a perfect, nutritional snack to offer to active toddlers…. however, because this is a curious and active age, you might want to re-consider the cap which can be a choking hazard. I often walk him in the stroller while babysitting and he likes to hold his squeeze in addition to putting the cap on and off, (working those new found motor skills), however when I recently saw him putting the cap in his mouth this was a CAUTION of a moment!!!

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