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New GoGo squeeZ Cap

Say Hello to Our New Cap!

Big news!

You asked and we listened. Without further ado, we introduce to you our new cap! As a product that’s perfect for kids (3 and up), we’re always looking for ways to make our packaging more kid-friendly. As a result of your feedback, we’re excited to offer our new fun, easy-open cap.

Why did we change our cap? Our new helicopter design cap makes it easier for kids to open GoGo squeeZ independently and better showcases the playfulness of our no-spoon, no-mess pouch. Plus, the new design uses 40% less plastic than the standard large pouch cap. Talk about a win-win!

Where and when can you find it? We’re slowly rolling out the new design, so keep checking your local store shelves

new cap gogo squeez sticker

Where did you spot it? When you spot our new cap in your grocery store, snap a picture of yourself with it and post it on our Facebook page or send it to the GoGo Gang: [email protected]. We love hearing from you!


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  2. Dec 28 2013

    Dee Sturgeon

    Just wanted you to know how much we value your product! Found it a year ago at Wal Mart and bought a box for our grandsons. They loved it, especially the cinnamon and raspberry; now our 22 month old granddaughter knows where to find it in Grandma’s cabinet.
    Thanks for a good product that is not messy and travels well in the car.

  3. Dec 30 2013


    Our kids LOVE the new easy open tops. Maddy (3 yr) says “That was so nice of them!” and my 5 yr old said, “Now I won’t need help at lunch time!”


  4. Jan 09 2014

    Still a Kid

    I had extensive mouth surgery and reconstruction following an auto accident, and couldn’t eat ‘regular’ food. Even ‘regular’ babyfood, eaten with a spoon, was a problem. Then one day my daughter brought home GoGo Squeez and WOW! Thank you all so much for a delicious product in a handy, convenient size (fits right in my purse, and in my desk drawer) and especially in such a fabulous ‘food delivery system’! I can eat on the go, and i can eat nutritious, good-tasting food without hurting my (stll recovering) sore mouth. Love it!

  5. Jan 16 2014


    Thanks so much for the new cap design! My kids love opening it independently and my kindergartener loves spinning it like a top! I also am not as worried when my 2 year old gets his hands on one!

  6. Feb 03 2014

    Dione B.

    Thank you for such a great product. My super picky 5 year old just loves your applesauce. It is something I can pack in his lunchbox and know that he is going to eat it and get something healthy into his little body. These are always in our pantry just for him.

  7. Mar 04 2014


    I think your product is superb. Not only do my grandchildren like it, Grandma likes it too!
    I usually drop a pouch in my lunch and keep a ready supply for the grandchildren and Grandma. It’s innovative not only in the packaging but in the mixed fruit selection.

  8. Mar 29 2014

    Jamie H

    My girls GREATLY appreciate your new top (as do I). No longer do they have to ask me to open their GoGosqueeZ!

  9. Apr 12 2014


    do you guys make bigger pouches more volume ??? for adults

    1. Apr 15 2014

      GoGo squeeZ

      Check out our Fast Fruit line – bigger pouches!

  10. Apr 15 2014


    Thank you so very much for the redesigned cap! I’m now no longer concerned about my 2yo choking on the cap when we give him is pouch 🙂 Both kids love that they can open it themselves and feel like big kids!

  11. Apr 13 2015


    What number are the caps; are they recyclable?

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