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Miami GoGo

Notes from the Road: Miami 2013!

Miami! Bayfront Park, bringing the heat. Can ya’ll feel that?!

The GoGo squeeZ Mobile Playground rolled into Miami and we couldn’t get Will Smith’s “Miami” song out of our heads. We drove throughout the city and spread some GoGo love to all residents. Miami residents we’re fresh off of their recent NBA Championship win and we’re still celebrating. We saw celebration banners everywhere and A LOT of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade jerseys!

The squeeZ squad really enjoyed the local food and ate some great seafood – how could we not? Toro restaurant was the consensus favorite, located right next to Bayfront Park within the Intercontinental Hotel. The swordfish dip with plantain chips was delicious and a definite must have if you are ever in town.

GoGo squeeZ Bayfront Park Miami

We were really excited to bring our talents to Bayfront Park’s July 4th celebration. We collected a lot of Playful Promises and were glad we could help remind people to bring playfulness into their everyday routine. The heat didn’t stop the crowds from coming out, and there was a HUGE turnout for the event! There is no better way to enjoy a fireworks show on July 4th than picnicking with your family and enjoying a refreshing GoGo squeeZ.

GoGo squeeZ mobile playground Miami

GoGo squeeZ and the Mobile Playground will be GoGoing to new heights at Pogopalooza in Union Square, New York City on July 27th-28th. Be sure to join us there!

Til next time,

Alex – Playbassador

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