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NYC Road Trip

Notes from the Road: NYC 2013

Home sweet home!!!

WOW, what a weekend! Where do we start?

On a beautiful day here in the city on Friday, the squeeZ squad toured the city with Xpogo athletes. We visited Columbus Circle, Central Park, Herald Square, Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building. You may ask yourself, “what is Xpogo?” – it is the extreme sport of Pogo sticking. Trust me, check out www.xpogo.com and you’ll instantly be hooked.

On Saturday, we were in Tompkins Square Park for the open qualifiers and witnessed a few world records (hint, keep reading :)). We handed out some refreshing GoGo squeeZ to the public and the athletes. It was a HUGE hit with everyone.

Sunday was the culmination of an awesome, high flying weekend. Pogopalooza 10 came to Union Square and the Mobile Playground was ready for action. Kids were bouncing, athletes were competing and GoGo squeeZ was doing what we do best – being playful and having a blast!

To make this event even better, take a look at the brand new 5 World Records we witnessed this past weekend!


World Records:

Friday – Most Consecutive Jumps on a Pogo stick – 70,271 jumps

Saturday – Highest front flip on a Pogo stick – 8 feet and 2 inches

Saturday – Most Jumps on a Pogo stick in a minute – 266 jumps

Saturday – Most Synchronized back flips – 13 athletes

Sunday – Highest Jump on a Pogo stick – 9 feet and 7.5 inches

xpogo gogo squeez

It’s been real New York, until next time…

Wherever you Go, Go playfully!


  1. Mar 04 2015

    Jerome Anderson

    Thank you

  2. Mar 04 2015

    Jerome Anderson

    Never try it, I assume this product is healhy for kids

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