Apr 02 2013 0
National PBJ Day

Happy National PB&J Day!

Since today’s a celebration of one of one of the most iconic American food inventions, we only thought it necessary to introduce our version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Mar 27 2013 0
Easter Pouch Cover

Decorate your GoGo squeeZ Pouch for Easter!

Because you asked for ’em, we’ve got special pouch covers for your Easter holiday!

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Feb 11 2013 0
GoGo squeeZ and Justin's Valentines Day

Love is in the Air!

Valentines Day is right around the corner. We want to help spread the love to you & someone ELSE who could use a little extra lovin in their life…

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Dec 21 2012 0
GoGo squeeZ Pouch Covers

Jolly Up Your Stocking Stuffers!

We’ve heard that many of you secret santa’s, holiday elves, and office party coordinators are using GoGo squeeZ as a healthy holiday staple in your stockings, gifts, and soirees. Well, we love that.

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Aug 21 2012 1

Notes From Rad People

We have such amazing interactions with our fans that we thought it would be cool to share some of their stories (with the rad persons permission, duh).

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Jul 23 2012 0
GoGo squeeZ Play Mobile - San Francisco

Notes from the Road: San Francisco

After a long cross-country drive, it was SO exciting to arrive in the Bay area. We set our sights on Menlo Park, and pulled in just in time for one of the coolest events this year…

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Jul 05 2012 0
Sweet Home Chicago

Notes from the Road: Chicago

Hey there GoGo gang! Jimmy here. Summer is officially upon us, and what better place to land the squeeZ Mobile than the Windy City?

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Jun 17 2012 0
My Fox 9 - Minneapolis

Notes from the Road: Minneapolis!

Arriving in Minneapolis, the first stop was where else, but Mall of America! Can anyone say indoor Roller Coaster?

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Jun 14 2012 2
The First Walmart

Notes from the Road: Arkansas!

Bentonville was the perfect place to slow down and kick back. This town is the home of Walmart HQ and Walton’s 5 & dime – the very first Walmart store.

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Jun 08 2012 0
Puckett's Grocery Nashville

Notes from the Road…Nashville!

After the first of many long drives, we finally made it to Music City: Nashville, Tennessee! After an eventful drive, we met up with the rest of the GoGo squeeZ squad to see what Nashville had to offer.

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Jun 06 2012 0
Pass The Play - Atlanta, GA

Notes From the Road…Atlanta!

This summer, I’ll be traveling across the country in our very own squeeZ mobile bringing the play to your backyard. Our first stop was HOTanta Georgia!

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Jun 05 2012 0
Speakaboos GoGo squeeZ

Read the GoGo squeeZ Digital Book!

Finally, our GoGo squeeZ characters have come to life in a new digital book from Speakaboos!

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May 25 2012 3
GoGo squeeZ Play Mobile

We’re Hitting the Road, Jack!

We’ve enlisted our very own squeeZ mobile to take a cross-country journey this summer to bring some fun, excitement, and of course applesauce goodness to YOU!

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Apr 25 2012 10
Mango Applesauce Packaging

Introducing…Our New Packaging!

It’s here, it’s here! The day has finally come for Mango to reveal the secret that it’s been dying to share with all of you!

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Apr 20 2012 3
Earth Day - Upcycle Your Pouches

Earth Day Upcycled Activities and a Giveaway!

We LOVE our planet! Here at GoGo HQ, we’re committed to sustainability and treating mother Earth like a queen, and you can do your part too!

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Apr 18 2012 29
Mango Clues - PacMan

Travel Back to 1980 with applemango

In case you’re just joining us, our new member of the GoGo Gang, Mango, has a secret to share.

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