Apr 12 2012 26
Mango Applesauce

Help Unlock Mango’s Secret and WIN!

If you’ve been following along on our Facebook page, you know that Mango has a secret that’s dying to be shared. We need YOUR help to unlock the clues!

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Mar 16 2012 0
St. Patrick's Day GoGo

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids and Big Kids!

Get your little lads and lasses into the Celtic spirit with these GoGo-themed St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas and activities!

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Mar 09 2012 0
Blissdom Backyard

#GotSauced At Blissdom 2012

What’s your Bliss? Ours was attending the 2012 Blissdom conference in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland hotel a few weeks ago.

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Feb 08 2012 1
GoGo Valentine

Valentine’s Day Treats For Your Main squeeZ!

Love is in the air at GoGo squeeZ HQ! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we decided to spread the love using our pouches, and you can too!

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Jan 25 2012 2
Introducing GoGo squeeZ AppleBerry Flavor Applesauce

Berry Berry Joy Joy!

It’s here! It’s finally here! AppleBerry, our newest flavor of GoGo squeeZ is hitting store shelves this month nationwide.

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Jan 20 2012 0
GoGo squeeZ at Fancy Food Show

Fancy Food Show 2012: Providing a Breath of Fresh Fruit

This week, the GoGo gang took a cross country trip to San Francisco for the 2012 Fancy Food Show…

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Jan 05 2012 1
Carsten Holler Experience

GoGo Field Trip: Seeing the World Upside-Down

A note to readers: After reading this post you may feel exhilarated, confused, dizzy and maybe even a little bit salty.

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Oct 06 2011 5
GoGo squeeZ Halloween Pouches

Dress Up Your GoGo SqueeZ Pouches For Halloween!

In preparation for Halloween, we decided to make spooky little costumes for our pouches, and you can too!

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Sep 01 2011 1
GoGo squeeZ at Backyard Timeshare

GoGo squeeZ Play Date at Timeshare Backyard!

I guess you could say we were itching to play after being cooped up inside our homes thanks to Hurricane Irene, so we decided to take over the Timeshare Backyard…

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Jun 09 2011 0
Two Thumbs Up

Introducing GoGo Moments

Some of the greatest fun of our childhood was so simple and unplanned. All it required was our imagination and some safe space…

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May 24 2011 12
Mommy Blogger's Love GoGo squeeZ

Calling All Mommy Bloggers

Do you have your finger (or mouse) on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not for busy moms? If you answered YES! …..then we want you!

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May 09 2011 0
Anna and Emma Love GoGo squeeZ

Straight From the Horses Mouth

In honor of the Kentucky Derby we thought we should share a sure bet with you. Super cute Anna & Emma take the guesswork out of your GoGo squeeZ.

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Apr 25 2011 3
Recycle GoGo squeeZ Pouches

Recycle Your GoGo squeeZ Pouches!

Just in time for Earth Day, GoGo squeeZ teamed up with upcycling and recycling pioneer TerraCycle® Inc., to create a way for families to recycle used GoGo squeeZ pouches.

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Mar 10 2011 1
GoGo squeeZ Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

GoGo squeeZ sponsors the GoGo on the Go Challenge at the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival

The festival kicks off March 2nd and ends May 15, 2011.

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Jan 18 2011 0
Parents Magazine 25 Best Snacks

Parents Magazine’s 25 Best Snacks: We are in!

GoGo SqueeZ was picked by Parents magazine for their 25 Best Snacks feature in the February issue!

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Dec 21 2010 0
Kicking The Ball With GoGo squeeZ

Kicking the ball with GoGo SqueeZ! [Updated]

We had a blast at the ‘Kick it Soccer Tour’ in Florida! Tons of kids participated in our juggling & dribbling contest and stopped by our GoGo SqueeZ Tent…

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