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GoGo squeeZ and Justin's Valentines Day

Love is in the Air!

Valentines Day is right around the corner and we know you already probably have your sweeties picked out (Kids, boyfriend, wife, etc). We want to help spread the love to you & someone ELSE who could use a little extra lovin in their life (besides your go-to sweetie)

Nominate a person that you think deserves a squeeZ (your bus driver, bff, lunch lady) and you could BOTH win a year’s supply of GoGo squeeZ and a prize basket from Justin’s Nut Butter!

Enter here: http://bit.ly/mainsqueez


That’s not all! Back by popular demand, spice up your GoGo Valentines with special pouch covers.

Here are the very simple instructions:

  • Print out the designs here
  • Cut around the border
  • Wrap design around your GoGo squeeZ pouch
  • Tape the ends together
  • Pick someone special to give your Valentine to
  • Sign your name on the back and give your main squeeZ their treat!

Give these squeeZes of love out for Valentine’s Day and you’ll be sure to get plenty of love back! Who knows, maybe your main squeeZ feels the love too!


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