Flambard Brothers Farm is located in the north-western province of Normandy, France, more than 200 miles outside of Paris. The region is world renowned for its dairy heritage and production.

Like many of the exclusive farms in our network, Flambard Brothers has been family-owned and operated since 1967. The brothers inherited the farm from their parents, and have managed it  together for 25 years.

Living on the farm themselves, the Flambard brothers have devoted their lives to employing responsible farming practices and top-notch animal welfare.

Weather permitting, cows spend their days roaming in the meadow. While milk does our bodies good, grazing is where it’s at for the cows.

The farm has grown from 20 dairy cows at its start, to 50+ mooing mamas today.

Fun Fact: Only after a cow becomes a mother can she make milk.

We are over the MOO-n with our cows, and as such, never use rBST* or any other artificial growth hormones.

Fun Fact: One dairy cow naturally makes about 8 gallons of milk a day!

Our cows are happy and loving bovines. What a sMOOch!

Fun Fact: When cows are happy, they have been shown to produce more milk.

The farm is the table when it comes to our cows’ dining experience.

Fun Fact: Cows can eat around 40 pounds of vegetation each day.

In addition to receiving the utmost care and attention on our farms, our cows are not shy about their hygiene. Check out this lovely lady picking and licking her nose with her tongue, quite a common practice for cows!


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