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GoGo SqueeZ Smoothiez

Make Mornings a BreeZe!

GoGo squeeZ SmoothieZ are the perfect start to any day. Made with gluten free whole oats, yummy strawberries, and smooth and creamy yogurt, they provide delicious morning energy in a convenient portable pouch. It’s so easy to keep kids happy and ready for anything with these pantry-friendly, delicious yogurt smoothies!

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Our Ingredients: no preservatives

Each 4 oz SmoothieZ pouch contains a delicious blend of protein, fiber, and calcium! Made from real yogurt, fruit and oats, these yogurt smoothies are a nutritious snack free of preservatives.

About Our Ingredients

Our Process: The “moo-print” for success

At GoGo squeeZ, goodness is the foundation of everything we do, from the simple, high quality ingredients we use (and the yucky stuff we leave out) to the ways we make life a little happier and healthier for American kids. That’s why we are committed to working with an exclusive network of farmers, why we take extra special care of our cows, why we work to exceed responsible agricultural practices, and why we work tirelessly to deliver the best tasting yogurt in a pouch.

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Our Farms: Happy cows and happy farmers

Every scrumptious GoGo squeeZ SmoothieZ pouch is made with the freshest milk ingredients from the happy and healthy cows within our exclusive network of dairy farms.

About Our Partner Farms

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