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Terracycle Gives Used Pouches a New Purpose

Help your community, earn points, and win prizes for recycling your used GoGo squeeZ pouches.

About TerraCycle

TerraCycle is a highly-awarded, international upcycling and recycling company on a mission to eliminate the idea of waste.
TerraCycle creates waste collection programs “Brigades” for previously non-recyclable, or difficult-to-recycle, waste. The collected waste, which would otherwise have been landfilled or incinerated, is then converted into new products by TerraCycle’s team of scientists and designers. This reduces carbon emissions and has an overall positive environmental impact.

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How our program works

Whenever you finish your GoGo squeeZ®, save the pouches to send to your local TerraCycle® brigade. We’ll upcycle them into playground equipment and cool stuff like notebooks and totebags to help kids keep playing like they mean it.

For each approved pouch we get, your collection location will be awarded two TerraCycle points, which can be redeemed for charitable gifts or for a payment of $0.02 to the non-profit organization or school of your choice.

Join the GoGo squeeZ® TerraCycle Brigade

Joining is simple and completely free. All you need to do is:

1) Register with TerraCycle

2) Collect your empty pouches

3) Download a shipping label

4) Drop off your box of pouches at your nearest UPS location.

Join today!

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