Our Process

Pure squeeZable Goodness.

From seed to shelf to squeeZ. Our proprietary manufacturing process and work with local farmers helps ensure that snack time stays as yummy, healthy, and awesome as possible.

You gotta seed it to believe it.

Watch how GoGo squeeZ apples go from seed to pouch to giving kids the fuel they need to keep playing like they mean it.

No COWincidence: yogurtZ + smoothieZ

There’s no guessing when it comes to goodness. That’s why we work with an exclusive network of farmers, why we take extra special care of our cows, and why we’re udderly obsessed with delivering the best tasting yogurt and yogurt smoothie in a pouch.

The French cownnection

We collect milk from our exclusive partner farms in the heart of world-renowned French dairy country—just mere miles from our GoGo squeeZ manufacturing facility. We’re happy to say that many of these farms are small, family-run establishments that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Cow and Blueberry carrying milk